Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is a theme park situated in Hengqin, Zhuhai, People’s Republic of China. It is designed by PGAV Destinations. The park broke ground on 28 November 2010 and soft-opened on 28 January 2014.The grand opening occurred on 29 March that year. The first phase of the park cost RMB 10 billion to build. It is part of the Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort, which aims to become the “Orlando of China”. According to TEA and AECOM, it is the 10th most visited theme park in the world in 2018, with 10.83 million visitors. Among its attractions are a wide range of amusements rides, animal shows, as well as the world’s largest oceanarium with a total of 48.75 million litres (10.72 million UK gal; 12.87 million US gal) of water. The theme park currently has five Guinness World Records under its name.

Let us set your early expectations of the amusement park-Chimelong-Ocean-Kingdom。  Learn all about the enigmatic marine animal world, the habitats of the shy and rare animals, birds and fish. Interact with them at the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom Park’s world’s largest aquarium. Make the most of your quality family-time with loads of fun as the COK has lots to do, see and learn from for the adults and kids alike, making it an unforgettable experience. Don’t forget to get adventurous with the rides like the Aqua Drop, Parrot ride, Walrus Splash and more that we shall shortly discover. The Chimelong Ocean Kingdom has the largest collection of the rare whale shark, polar bears, and majestic beluga whales. All in one place at the world’s largest aquariums set in Zhuhai’s Chimelong Ocean Kingdom.

What is the amusement park without the fantastic gravity-defying wing coaster rides and the fun aquarium at park-Chimelong-Ocean-Kingdom? The Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is divided into 8-zones, and each offers a unique ocean experience with rides and learning experiences that you must-try! The Amazing-Amazon zone: This water park area features the famous Parrot Coaster ride beside the ‘Journey to the Amazon’ exhibits and a freshwater aquarium. The ‘Flying Over the Rainforest’ ride renamed the ‘Parrot Coaster’ ride is one of the best experiences of the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. It is a must-do once-in-a-lifetime experience for the adventure-loving families. The 2014 thrown open steel built 50m wing-coaster ride is the third tallest in the world and the first Asian one to use a splashdown. If you can’t get to Dollywood’s Wild Eagle or Cedar Point’s GateKeeper, then enjoy this ride at the Guangdong’s Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in the Zhuhai Kingdom of China.

Just think about this fact! The 1,278m long coaster reaches speeds of 108 km/h on its way to being the world’s fastest and longest water park wing-coaster. It goes up the 50m high lifted portion to make a couple of turns before it splashes you down and then enters a gravity-defying roll to let you experience the feel of nil-gravity force. From here it uses the brake run to enter the tunnels and make a couple of turns and twists inline to move into the intimidating helix turns to churn things up. Dolphin Cove: The cove is a ride area with some of the fascinating Dolphin –themed water-based rides and the virtual-experience section in it. It comprises of the water park attractions. Some of them are the Dolphin Theatre and Dolphin Island beside the Dolphins conservatory of the Chinese White dolphins with an above and underwater view into their habitat.

Titled ‘Battle of the Pirates’ you get wet in the fast-revolving water jets as you sit in Chinese teacups that spin and revolve unexpectedly. If that doesn’t satisfy you, you have then the spinning and exciting ‘Dolphin-emulating Round Ride’ and the 2015 ‘5D Castle Theatre’ features the “Kaka’s Great Adventure” 5D- 13 min film from Kraftwerk Living Technologies and Prana Studios. The virtual experience of viewing the water park film on the 1,500m² curved-screens cost CNY 300 million. It took three long years to build the fascinating and a world-record in itself.

The Ocean Beauty area is a submarine ride that takes you on the ‘Deep Sea Odyssey ‘as you ride through the aquarium. It displays the manta rays and the gigantic whale sharks besides others in a huge world-record tank holding 22.7 mil L of water! Hero Island is the area liked most by the young at heart since it has the games arcade, the coaster rides like the Jungle Coaster, the Penguin Coaster, the Sea Monsters Tower, and the bumper -smashing car rides. You also have the wonderful experience of touching a stingray, enjoying the tide pools with smaller sea fish, and discovering the Otter’s den.

Mount Walrus zone is about the sea lions and walruses. Experience the rides of thes gigantic flume on Walrus Splash and the pirate ship-themed Spirit of Adventure. Discover playing sea-lions in their habitat at the Sea Lion Theatre and Bay. The Walrus Island and the Paradise of Sea Birds with the various birds and animals in the water park like the white cranes, herons, pelicans, sea turtles, seagulls, giant African tortoises, the storks, seals and more.

Hengqin Ocean zone is the fun family zone where you can get to see parades, fireworks and special shows like the nighttime parade of Miziker Entertainment’s Journey of Lights, the fountain show and the ‘Ocean Resistance’ show.You should also visit the 2017 opened water park breeding center for Killer Whales with a pod of 9 whales where Tyson and Nukka from Russia can be found. The Orcas are nowhere in sight though it is rumored they too will shortly be on the show.

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