Hengqing Oyster

Hengqing Oyster

Hengqin oysters are a kind of offshore oyster, living in the surrounding waters of Hengqin Island. The water, which flows smoothly around Hengqin Island, has adequate salinity and temperature, is full of nutrition and contains no pollution, making it ideal for oyster growth. The jumbo oyster is delicious, tender, sweet and fresh, and is famous at home and abroad for its large size, meaty body, white color, tender taste and crisp texture. Oysters are a top marine product rich in nutrition and dietary values.

Its benefits include strengthening the spleen and stomach, restoring qi, replenishing the blood, resolving hard lumps, calming the liver, subduing yang and treating dizziness, sugar diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. The oysters are also capable of preventing and curing diseases, such as curearteriosclerosis and cancer. Eating oysters regularly will make your skin lustrous, smooth, white and beautiful.

Oysters originate from the Fuxiang Bay oyster field in Hengqin. Hengqin Island is an island off the south of Zhuhai City, about a 40-minutes drive from the ferry quay of Jiuzhou Harbor. The oyster field is opposite Luhuan, facing Macau across the bay.From November to April of every year is the ideal season for savoring oysters, as the oysters maturate gradually during winter after being cultivated for more than a half year.

The oysters raised in Hengqin Island are especially large and thick given the good quality water. They can be fried crisp, scalded, baked on iron boards and baked with ginger and scallion. They are also excellent for the “surrounding the hot pot” dish, a chafing dish cooked in a terrine. Oysters contain rich protein, which is believed to have the effect of strengthening the yang and preserving the face. Therefore, as oyster season nears, a great number of “oyster guests” come a long way from Macau, Zhuhai, Zhongshan and other areas to gorge  on oysters.

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