Hong Kong Traditional Chinese Desserts

Hong Kong Traditional Chinese Desserts

Chinese desserts sometimes get a bad rep, but we’re here to change your mind for the better, and are telling you all about what they are and where to find the very best!

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In Cantonese cuisine, dessert serves as the perfect ending to a full feast or even a quick dim sum meal. And the local cuisine in Hong Kong is nothing if not varied. Forget ice cream or spongy puddings, traditional desserts here often – though not exclusively – come in the shape of warm, sweet soups. Here are the must-haves when you’re in town and looking to eat like a local.

The traditional desserts in Hong Kong are, a lot of the time, supposed to be “good for us”. Whether it’s to cool down our bodies during a hot summer’s day (cold green bean soup), to warm it up during the colder winter months (ginger soup), or to make our hair shinier (black sesame paste) – there’s usually a reason and philosophy behind what we’re eating.

Hong Kong has a lot of soupy, hot desserts with various beans in, but there is so much more to the city’s sweet treats than just red bean soup. You just have to know what you should look for and where to find them.

We are here and ready to be your guide for an awesome Hong Kong trip with unforgettable traditional dessert’s tasting experience here.