Jia Shi Porridge Stall

Jia Shi Porridge Stall

When it comes to “Qianshan”, most people have the impression that the chaotic streets,the market is full of flavor, the old-fashioned billiard hall, the slightly old Qianshan cinema, and there is such an old name, adds a lot of fireworks to the downtown.Nestled beside the Qianshan market, it has grown with the city for more than two decades.People living in Zhuhai must know that this old name is good food porridge stalls.There are no ornate signs and decorations,the food stall-style business mode,the neighborhood shop-like simple dining environment,but once the meal, the door is full of people.Let us witness the truth of ” wine is not afraid of deep alleys.”

Here, all kinds of porridge roll everything, are cooked in a casserole, cheap, the weight is quite sufficient.Aunt will be a large bowl of clay pot porridge served, steaming, the air is filled with a touch of shrimp flavor.The shrimp meat is large and full,and the firmness of the taste reflects the freshness of the shrimp.Shrimp oil in the porridge water, adding to the umami flavor of rice.Each drink a mouthful of porridge,each bite a mouthful of shrimp, people can not stop.The biggest difference between good food porridge and Chaoshan casserole porridge is: Chaoshan casserole porridge cooked rice is still one by one, and good food porridge porridge stall after cooking rice is very broken, very thick.Large pieces of salty pork bones hidden in the porridge of the porridge, to fish one can see full of meat. The meat is tender,the salty flavor is moderate,and the juice in the bones must not be missed.I do not know is this salty bone porridge seasoning, or porridge moistened bones.With the addition of salty pork bones, the porridge becomes thicker and more fragrant.The selected Rice Porridge roll is also quite tender and smooth, salty Bone Flavor good penetration in the rice, sweet and delicious.

For early risers, fritters soy milk is always a classic with breakfast.But in good food, even if you miss the Good Morning also need not worry, at dinner or supper, you can also eat this wonderful package!It is no exaggeration to say, Good Food fritters is the most crispy, the most delicious fritters I have ever eaten in Zhuhai!Golden yellow skin, quite chewy taste, eat it hard to forget.Rice flour is an integral part of the daily diet of Cantonese people.In the good food porridge stalls such old name, but also the Cantonese “rice flour spirit” play quite well.Powdery white clear, with chopsticks fishing one fishing, secret sauce will immediately immersed in the rice flour.One entrance, delicate and soft, lean meat is chewy, with chives, not only solution greasy, but also increased the flavor!

Fried dumplings just out of the pot on the table, shiny skin, fragrant and attractive.The dumplings have plenty of stuffing,while the skin of the dumplings is light and crispy.The chives are refreshing and heavy, but well neutralize the greasy taste.One mouthful of porridge, one mouthful of fried dumplings,one soft and one hard, one light and one heavy, with just right.Although fried dumplings are any one snack bar can serve dishes, and the taste of good food porridge stalls, but more delicate and careful.In order to cater to a lot of “night owl” consumption habits, whether it is a staple food, snacks, or barbecue and other food are served until the morning.

At six o’clock in the afternoon, after nightfall, good food porridge stalls lit up the lights, outside the store, there are satisfied enough to occupy the position of the diners, there are late men and women lined up a long line.They are waiting for a moment of warm heart.The boss opened here in 94 years, more than 20 years of history, so good food porridge stalls have long become a very famous brand in the Zhuhai food industry, has also become a lot of old Zhuhai people ranked first in the old name.The boss said that he named his shop“Good Food”, one because the store name is easy to remember, is conducive to people from word to word; the second is because he firmly believes that with his own ability, can make excellent food, can send people the best eating experience.The stalls outside the small shop are a variety of ingredients.The booths were steaming, and the busy uncle and aunt who stood behind them kept making a delicious meal and sending warmth to the people who had been running for a day.The 23-year-old restaurant in Zhuhai offers a variety of Cantonese dim sum and barbecue to satisfy all diners ‘ needs for dinner and late-night snack.

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