Macao Panda Pavilion

Macao Panda Pavilion

Many people find zoo’s depressing. That’s not to say they don’t serve a purpose. Often it serves to protect an endangered species. As other creatures evolve and become stronger, sometimes species are taken out. Sometimes, it’s our own fault. But, that’s not to say we shouldn’t try and do something about it. That’s what the Macau Giant Panda Pavilion tries to accomplish.The Giant Panda Pavilion is located at the Macao Zoo, a country park of Shek Pai Wan, which is a place with a variety of animals but built the pavilion especially for the two Pandas.

The Panda Pavilion is in fact a nature park, where admissions is free, and there is a good range of animals in this small park, including monkeys, gorillas, flamingos and many plants inside a herb garden etc. Of course, the highlight is the Panda. Located in Coloane island, the pavilion is a good getaway from the noisy and crowded casinos. Visitors, especially those who are with little children, always choose the park as a tranquil sight for relaxing and enjoyment.

There is also a museum and some other highlights in the park.The admission will be on free entry. The pandas have great personalities, they look very happy and well looked after.he best time to visit is 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm. It is the feeding time. (However, as the seasons change, you’d better ask the guide when is the best feeding time to visit.) So you can see the panda, Kai Kai, very active, juggling, eating bamboo and climbing up and down.

But sometimes this little baby would also sleep there and do not move at all — even lying still, the panda is really adorable and cute. Panda is not an animal you see in many zoos, and there are not that many attractions in Macao, so this is a good spot. Except for visiting the rare panda, you can also have a good trip in this nature park, which will give you many surprises. Many different animals are living in the park, including monkeys, parrots, flamingos,deer and some rarely-seen ring tailed lemurs. You will find these little and lovely lives are really cute and endearing.

With fresh air away from the city center and green plants, you can have a great walk around the area through the forest, and the path will lead you again to the enclosure, so after an hours walk maybe you get lucky to see panda once again. While strolling around the green park,watching animals, you can also find some souvenir shops sitting midst the plants. These shops are also well worth a visit. With cheap prices and good products, a lot of Pandas toys and cute T-shirts. And also, if you are traveling together with your families, friends especially with you small children, then this is a very good resort for you.

There is an information building with an education center that has a small area for children to read books, telling stories about the pandas. The park is a little far away from the urban areas, which means you can get a total freedom from the hustling and bustling. So, overall, this quiet little place can be a great relaxing point, just relax and enjoy here after watching pandas.

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