Tang Jia Garden

Tang Jia Garden

Tangjia is an area on the north side of Zhuhai, just before the Qi’Ao bridge.   There is an “old” Tangia that has narrow streets and alleys lined with stone buildings. Many of the buildings have historical markers referencing their connection to the Tang family.   Throughout the village there are a lot’s of beautiful old buildings being restored as well as many store fronts and active workshops.

The Tangjia temple built in the 18th century has 3 chambers.  One for each deity worshiped at the temple. (The Buddha, The god of literature and war, and the goddess of marriage and childbirth) The only thing that sets the Tang Shaoyi former residence apart from any other building along the streets is the historical marker on the door. Other than that, the building looks just like all of the other old buildings in the village.

We came to see the zig zag bridge hoping to find some insight or clues to the mystery about the bridge keeping evil spirits away.  It was a nice surprise to see the bridge over a huge pond of blooming lotus plants.A small beautiful bridge draws the crowds to Tangjia.  Some believe that the corners and turns on the zig zag bridges keep the evil spirits away.  There are many superstitious people who believe their ancestors that may be following them can not make sharp turns.  Other people think the zig zag bridges simply enhance the view as with the turns in the bridge the view may be seen from different angles.

The nine turn zig zag bridge in Gongle Garden is a memorial to Tang Shaoyi (1862-1938) the first Premier of the Republic of China during the Qing Dynasty.  Gongle Garden, formerly the private garden of Tang Shaoyi, covers 233,000 square meters.  The grounds consist of a villa, star tower, many pavilions, flowers, trees, statues, monuments, etc.  Tang donated the garden to Tangjia village in 1932.It was well worth the trip to walk around up here.  It was beautiful.

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