Three Lamps District Food Street

Three Lamps District Food Street

Rotunda de Carlos da Maia, better known as Three Lamps District in local, is located in the San Antonio parish in a circular square that connects to five streets. As many Myanmar overseas Chinese living together nearby and set up restaurants in this area, Three Lamps District is known as the best place to taste authentic Myanmar cuisine, they called it “Macao Southeast Asian food concentration.”

The local Macanese loves hanging around this area to look for food and I came to know about this place through a local friend of mine. It was indeed, a good place to hunt for food! Indonesian cuisine, Myanmar coconut chicken noodles, Fish soup noodles, Fried fish balls, Pig brain noodles, Laksa, Bak Kut Teh etc can be found here.

You will smell the scent of it when you first arrived in Three Lamps District! Fong’s Pork Trotter with ginger and vinegar is known as the best in town. They are famous for their Signature Myanmar coconut chicken noodles and fish soup noodles, with the homemade noodles by the shop owner of Ya Sheng Myanmar Restaurant.

Unlike Ya Sheng Myanmar Restaurant which is popular among tourists, you can also try Cheng Qun Snacks Shop which is more likely to be the favourite of the locals! They have a Signature dish of Fish Soup Noodles and Myanmar Dried Noodles. There is a shop named Tokyo Little Restaurant however isn’t selling Japanese food, but famous for its Pig Brain Noodles! Many of tourists mentioned it taste really good!

There are more that what has been recommend here but you would need to come and walk along the street to hunt for all yummy food to make your trip perfect! Do visit our webpage for more details and services for a private tour in Macau at