Da Xiao Meisha Beach

Da Xiao Meisha Beach

Located on the shore of Dapeng Bay in Yantian District of Shenzhen, Dameisha and Xiao Meisha are two excellent bathing beaches which maintain stunning coastal scenery. They are the favoured recreational spot for locals keen to make the most of their holidays amid lush, tropic scenery and fresh air. One principal difference between Dameisha and Xiaomeisha is that it is free of charge to travel Dameisha. However, there is a 20 RMB admission charge to Xianmeisha Beach.

Xiao Meisha, which has the notable name of ‘Oriental Hawaii’, is surrounded by green mountains on three sides, with one side facing the sea. At the edge of the sea the sandy beach is like a crescent set between the blue sky and the vast ocean. This beach, resplendent with multicolored umbrellas, stretches for 1,000 meters (about 0.6 miles) and is noted for its clean bathing water.Out to sea yachts run before the wind giving up white spray, while motorboats and parachutes may also be seen. Laughter fills the air and when night falls, the barbecue field attracts crowds lured by fragrance of the food being prepared. The blue sky, blue water, white crested waves and golden sands attract thousands upon thousands of people who come here each year.

Comparing to Xiao Meisha, visitors usually love to visit Dameisha for it’s free to visit. Da Meisha Scenic Area includes Dameisha Seashore Park and the hinterland and boasts Shenzhen City’s longest beach which is 1.8 kilometers in length (about 1.1 miles). The beach is wide and the sand here is fine and soft while the clear seawater is shining in the sunlight. ‘Wave Surfing on the Da Meisha Beach’ is one of the ‘Top Eight Scenic Spots’ in Shenzhen. Several groups of themed sculptures stand on the beach, depicting the aspirations for a better life of the ‘Drifting Generation’ (the young people who had unstable jobs and insecure living conditions during 1940s-1980s).

According to the themes of Dameisha, which are romance, freedom and recreation, the hinterland is designed with the relevant facilities, like the apartments with hotel-styled services, cafe, public house, teahouse and shopping center. All these enrich the tourist resources of Dameisha. However, now the sculptures have become a symbol of happiness in the scenic area. Meanwhile, the artificial sceneries here fit the environment well. An island, a bridge, a boat, a church and a couple, the romantic wedding in Dameisha enriches the theme and sublimate the spiritual contents of Dameisha. As Dameisha is full of mountains and water, the sports activities like climbing, camping and rosary under the mountain are developed here to fill up the deficiency of tourist resources in low seasons.

They are both perfect for enjoying lazy days in the sun. Visitors can, however, partake of a myriad of recreational activities here, including swimming, beach volleyball, windsurfing, diving and sea kayaking. In addition, you will experience a feeling of romance here. As well as al fresco parties held on the beach, the venue is also perfect for romantic weddings, which are a common occurrence here.

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