Dong Shan

Dong Shan

Dongshankou is an area in the Yuexiu district of Guangzhou, Guangdong province. The name “Dongshan” can be traced back to Ming Dynasty(14th–17th century).Wei Juan, an officer in Guangzhou in the years of Chenghua of Ming Dynasty, built a temple called Dongshan Temple on a small hill in the east side of the Guangzhou city. After that, the surrounding area is called Dongshan.According to historic records, Dongshankou was a suburb area of Guangzhou city before Qing Dynasty. In the late Qing Dynasty, as the modern industry began to develop, Dongshankou met unprecedented development opportunities.

Under the Treaty of Wanghia, the Southern Baptist Convention bought lands on Miao Qian Xi Lu, Xu Gu Yuan Lu, Pei Zheng Lu and Si Bei Tong Jin Street in Dongshankou and erected churches, schools and hospitals there, including Tung Shan Christian Church.Built in 1909, the Tung Shan Christian Church covers an area of 3,300 square meters and is a typical American-style building with two storeys.

Following the eatablishment of some military training grounds and the Canton Provincial Assembly there, Dongshan soon became a popular place of residence for official families and social celebrities.After the World War I, many overseas Chinese came back to Guangzhou and became the main force for the development of Dongshankou. A number of mansions and villas, combined with Chinese and Western styles, sprang up in this area during that period.

These historical mansions and villas display the mix of multiple cultures in Guangzhou City during the period of the Republic of China. Today most of these buildings are listed as cultural heritage under municipal protection.Dongshankou, a nostalgic place in Guangzhou.Dongshankou belonged to Dongshan District before the district merged with Yuexiu District in 2005. Nowadays, the peaceful and elegant environment of Dongshankou attracts many visitors and photographers.

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