Guangzhou Dim Sum

Guangzhou Dim Sum

 Yum Cha represents a major feature of the folk culture in Guangzhou. At the beginning of 19th century, the tea houses in Guangzhou rose from the low tea huts, commencing the booming teahouse business. Yum Cha is a term in Cantonese which means “drinking tea”. “One cup of tea with two kinds of dim sum” have become an indispensable habits of the most Cantonese people in the morning tea. Yum Cha is a tradition on weekend mornings for Guangzhou residents and it is an opportunity for family gathering to chat and enjoy meals together. Where can you find the best Dim Sum in Guangzhou? Well luckily if you are travelling to Guangzhou you will be spoilt for choice. Here are the Eight Dim Sum Dishes you must try in Guangzhou.

Tao Tao Ju House is known as the oldest and most famous Morning tea hours in Guangzhou. It is originally built in 1880 in Qing Dysnaty and is decorated with classic Guangzhou features. It is first choice place to experience the local life of Guangzhou area or to taste authentic canton gourmet. The food served here is authentic and delicious with fair price. There are also all kinds of famous canton dishes. The service is good too. As there are many customers every day, you may have to line for a while before it is your turn to enjoy the meal.

Located in the Yuexiu District within Guangzhou, Dian Dou De (Hei Yuet Lau) is a traditional and popular restaurant, specialising in all-day Cantonese Dim Sum / Tim Sum / Dian Xing. Typically crowded throughout the day, Dian Dou De offers tasty and cheap dishes, wide variety, good service, and a comfortable atmosphere.Ambience at Dian Dou De is comfortable and welcoming. The interior is spacious, and floor layout is linear and organised. The main decor at Dian Dou De is the large stained glass ceiling decor, as well as traditional Chinese wall finishings, which lend an Imperial feel. Tableware is fine porcelain, with beautiful designs.

Service at Dian Dou De is very good. Staff will prepare the items for the tea washing ceremony for you, and are generally efficient and observant, though not attentive due to the huge place. Dian Dou De staff can’t converse in English, and the menu doesn’t have English descriptions either, so visiting for someone who can converse in Mandarin or Cantonese is recommended. Food at Dian Dou De revolves around Cantonese Dim Sum, and they have a good range / variety of options. Food is tasty and ingredients used are fresh. Dian Dou De popularity is also due to its all-day offering and their really cheap / affordable prices.

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