Guangzhou Food Street

Guangzhou Food Street

There are gourmet foods and snacks just waiting to be discovered in the snack streets of Guangzhou. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to taste all kinds of snacks while strolling along the streets full of delicacies. You will understand why people say “there will be a right cuisine in Guangzhou for you”.

  1. Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street

As the oldest and most fashionable street in Guangzhou, the established stalls and familiar eateries are everywhere. It has gathered almost all of the Cantonese snacks, and the methods of preparing food are the most authentic. There are just too many restaurants and eateries in the pedestrian street for you to sample everything. There are even some hundred-year-old restaurants such as Tao Tao Ju, as well as the national special-grade restaurant, Guangzhou Restaurant. Shops offering Xiguan Delicacies, such as Nanxin Dessert, Oucheng Noodle Shop and Guanxi House can all be found here. You can taste all the Xiguan gourmet food in Liwan District as you walk along the street.

Recommendations: Tan Crab Meat and Crab Claypot, Hey Beef Barbecue Royal Barbecue & Hot Pot and Kang Shifu Private Beef Noodle.

  1. Huifu Gourmet Food Street

This street enjoys the reputation of “Classic cuisine & Lingnan flavor”. It consists of three parts: Yushan Road, Huifu East Road, and Shufang Street. On Lushan Road, tourists can find Lingnan traditional snacks and food, and foreign foods; Huifu East Road gathers Lingnan traditional specialties and Southeast Asian snacks; Shufang Street has a variety of eateries. It is a paradise for foodies. Delicious kebabs, pork sausages, crispy trotters, beef sausages, etc. are offered there.

Recommendation: Thai cuisine, Meet the Noodle, Spicy 100 Food House and Northeast Dumpling House

  1. Beijing Road Pedestrian Street

Beijing Road is renowned for its food. It is more like the signature of Beijing Wangfujing in Guangzhou. Beijing Road is very prosperous, including Beijing Road Pedestrian Street, Dama Station Food Street, and Beijing South Road, which has become a gathering place for snacks and treats sold in China. There are many unique rice roll eateries in the two-meter-wide street. Of course, the most famous is the Yinji Rice Roll. The scent of radish and beef comes from stalls along the street. The sweet shrimp and crab congee sold in Guangzhou Restaurant, the Chinese hamburgers, the Mongolian barbecue in the northeast… they have got everything here.

Recommendations: Yue A1989 Abalone & Chicken Claypot, Red House Seafood & Chicken Claypot, Rongcheng Drink & Beef skewer Expert and Cattle Tripe Pot.

  1. Xihua Road

Xihua Road is a familiar place for many locals in Guangzhou. It is both part of their childhood memories and a component of life. Here, you can see all kinds of small shops, delicious time-honored brands, and local people who have passed by in a hurry. Tourists can have a quick look at the real elements of Cantonese culture and experience the real life in Guangzhou.

Recommendations: Tengyuan Pan-fried Buns, Hexing Eatery, Fu’s Fish Ball Rice Noodle and Shawan Dessert Restaurant.

  1. Tiyu West Horizontal Street

The food market is offering all kinds of foods from the beginning to the end. A wide variety of cuisines can be tasted here. None of the foodies should miss this place.

Recommendations: Lingnan Wild-Range Chicken Village, Shantou Baheli Hai’s Beef Shop, Gong’s Cattle Bone & Beef House

  1. Longkou West Wind Food Street

Longkou West Food Street gets its name from its location: north of Shibei Village and West of Longkou East Road. It is in the west part of Longkou. The food street is 600 meters long. All cuisines in the country can be found here.

Recommendation: Fruit Garden, Xile Love Tea, Sun Tea and Fengtai Shiyu Private Kitchen.

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