Guangzhou Tong Shui

Guangzhou Tong Shui

Originally a Cantonese specialty, tong sui (lit. sugar water) is a type of sweet soup or a custard-like dessert made with a base of either water or coconut milk. Extremely popular throughout the country, these sugary treats are nowadays found in tong sui shops but also at numerous food stalls, freshly prepared by street vendors.Tong sui desserts are available in a myriad of different colors and an unlimited selection of flavors, ranging from the simple fruity varieties and tofu puddings to the gaggingly bizarre ones such as guilinggao – powdered tortoise shell jelly or hasma – a sweet soup made with frogs’ fallopian tubes!

As an example of some appetizing combinations, Chinese dessert soups are often flavored with mango, pomelo, strawberries, citrus peels, pearl tapioca, or vanilla bean, peanut or black sesame paste, and almond or walnut flour. Most common tong sui toppings include ice cream, fresh fruits, and the bittersweet herbal grass jelly, while the chewy, glutinous rice dough balls called tong yuan are another popular addition to these soups.

Stewed Pear, It is a simple dessert that can relieve the syndrome of coughing and sore throat. Hollow and peel a pear and stew it, adding rock sugar and dried angerine skin for an hour.

Red Bean and Sago Syrup,Cooking Red Bean and Sago Syrup needs a longer time to be soft and transparent. The sharp contrast between red and white makes the dish eye-catching. Yummy!!!

Sweet Papaya Soup,Sweet Papaya Soup is one of ladies’ most favorite tong sui for its magical effect on dry skin and sore throat. Cut the papaya into pieces, and cook with the rock sugar into water for 30 minutes with mild fire, then you can enjoy the DIY sweetness.

Red Bean Paste,Red Bean Paste is prepared by boiling and mashing red beans and then sweetening the paste with sugar or honey. The husk of the beans may be removed by sieving before sweetening, making it smoother.

Double-layer Milk Custard, the main ingredient of Double-layer Milk Custard is fresh buffalo milk. After boiling and cooling, the milk will become smooth like a pudding in the bowl. It is served both hot and cold, or with red bean and lotus seed.

Ginger Milk Custard, the main ingredients of Ginger Milk Custard are ginger juice, milk, and sugar. Pour the mixture of milk and sugar quickly into the bowl of ginger juice and wait for 2 to 3 minutes, the milk will then solidify to make the pudding.

Black Sesame Paste, the main ingredient of Black Sesame Paste is crushed black sesame seeds in a flour form. The soup is perhaps the thickest of all tong Sui and it is typically served hot.

Sweet Potato Soup, the recipe is simple of Sweet Potato Soup, consisting of boiling the clumps of sweet potato for a long time with rock candy and ginger. Sometimes taro will be added.

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