Guangzhou Wonton Mee

Guangzhou Wonton Mee

The streets and alleys of Guangzhou are filled with all kinds of food and snacks, Thai, Vietnamese, Hong Kong and Taiwan… Countless. But there is still such a crowd that they are particularly fond of the authentic traditional snack of Yuntun. Take a look at the old name of Guangzhou’s real food. Perhaps there is not a single piece of food that can easily evoke the memory of an old neighborhood. The noodle shop, which is hidden deep in Datong Road and Alley, looks unimpressive, but has been around for 60 years, adding a raised face pressed with a bamboo pole in a bowl of clear soup full of fish, and a thin-skinned goldfish tail, which has served many neighborhoods well for decades. Good clouds and swallowing, and the stuffing is pretty good. The fresh pork, which is three-fat and seven-minute thin, must be cut into mung bean grain size by hand so as to make the meat stuffing have a fresh, smooth and juicy taste. Unlike most fresh shrimp stuffing which is swallowed by clouds, Wu Jinyun only sticks to mixing the stuffing with pure pork, because the flavor of the pork and the wheat swallowing the skin is the most fragrant flavor. If fresh shrimp are added, the flavor is only crisp and the flavor is lost. There are also signs of food, food and clothing. It is essentially a cloud-swallowing, and in particular, Wu Caiji’s cloud-swallowing, sweet and fragile, and relaxed, has become a classic of cloud-swallowing. And with the exclusive secret Cimei, the delicious minutes can kill the big hotel’s face. The price side is even more exciting. It’s a price for the people and a delicious food for the family.

In fact, if the people who were born and raised in Guangzhou are no stranger to Baohua Noodle Shop, after all, it is a well-established noodle shop, and many old Guangzhou people grew up with Baohua Noodle Shop. If you don’t have your own method of creating food for yourself, how could you possibly compete for a seat in such a bustling street? The bottom of Baohua’s noodle shop is so fragrant that it is said to have been made from pig bones. There are few swallowing, but the grains are full, one cloud swallowing the other two, and half a bite reveals one full of shrimp meat, which is also chewy for the pork to eat, and fresh shrimp is sweet. It tastes like a little bit of soup. The brand’s fresh shrimp are thin, smooth and beautiful. It’s a nice, thick face, little teeth, and it’s got a good smell. Pig’s foot noodles, gold pig’s hand noodles, first of all, pig’s hands, delicious, soft and tender, delicious, full of collagen, and feel that if you eat it, your skin will be much better. The first bite of the thin face was amazing, because it was delicious and delicious, and some people said that the issue of the fishy smell on the hand of a pig was actually high soup, and the seafood like shrimp skin was so strong that it seemed fishy at first glance. The beef flank, which is a raw one, is softer when it is thinner, the beef inside is soft, the teeth are soft, the beef has been burned in the brine for a long time, and the brine is so strong that it’s a breath of fresh water.

If you go to Xiguan, the first thing you think of is the old shop name, Jiyi, many old houses. Whether it’s morning or afternoon, you like to come here and solve your tummy. It’s not as simple as eating noodles. It’s a love affair. The Chienki noodle shop may be the last of its kind, and I’m sure it has been a good idea for many local residents for years. The bottom of the soup is made of shrimp and big fish, which is delicious and delicious, and the noodles are delicious and delicious. The Yi Mian is a sign, and the Yi Mian here is perhaps the best in Guangzhou! The pig’s hand is covered in noodles, and two soft and delicious pig’s hands are enough! It’s always a private favorite, delicious and more familiar. When I was a child, before I went to a buxiban on weekends, my mother would take me here for a bowl of pork-hand pasta for breakfast. I couldn’t remember it so much that I’d sometimes come by car to look for children’s memories when I grew up.. Brisket, brisket, I remember the most noodles I’ve ever had, a dozen or so pieces of noodles I’ve given a brisket. The deep-fried sauce, which is so hard to remember, has a sweet smell, and uses the fermented soy sauce to cook the pudding, which is not bad. Clean Cloud Swallowing is a good choice! The cloud-swallowing skin is thin, the stuffing is fresh, the stuffing is mushroom pork, the flavor of the mushroom is rich, fresh and sweet, the pork is fresh, tender and slippery, the meat is fat and beautiful, the skin is thin, the stuffing is delicious, the soup is overflowing. The soup for the hard-pressed noodles is an old hotpot boiled for hours by shrimp shells, pig bones or shrimp plus dried fish. It was plain, and it was not until you had a drink that the essence was there. It’s fat and round, mushroom meat! One bite of your teeth, and the rich juice pops in your mouth!

She was a traditional store, and she was known for her daily routine at the store. Now that her mother-in-law is dead, the traditional flavor still evokes memories of many childhood. The fat, not greasy bottom is made from ground fish, shrimp skins and pig bones, and the entire shop is shrouded by a strong smell. The store is a traditional Sai Kuan, nostalgic. There are few seats, and when guests are full, people often “stand up”. Every day’s food season, or afternoon tea, is also packed. The noodles are thick and thin, and can be seen as hand-made noodles, which are delicious and have a good taste, a light alkaline water smell, a tough face and a taste of lard.

The cloud swallowing is moderate in size and firm, and the stuffing is pure pork stuffing, fresh and sweet, fat and thin and evenly matched. The brisket is a long, rich, soft-tasting, “ready to eat”. Guangzhou noodles have a unique feeling for Guangzhou, not only from its unique southern flavor, but also from its exquisite craftsmanship. The pasta-loving editors often walk through the streets and alleys of Guangzhou to discover old fashioned noodles that are deeply popular, only to discover that what is holding them back is not silk noodles, but the feelings of the neighborhood. After trying the real thing in Guangzhou, it’s a complete refresh of human perception. The soup of seafood, such as big fish, shrimp skin, Yaozhu and ham, is very different from the bottom of North Chaos’s soup, combined with fragrant swellings and tasty bamboo lifts, and perfectly blends in the palate.

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