Lao Xi Guan Noodle Shop

Lao Xi Guan Noodle Shop

In many streets and alleys in the Yuexiu district of the old city of Guangzhou, you can find many traditional Guangzhou cuisines. On the Civilization Road, “Lao Xi Guan Noodle Shop” the shops are dozens of square and the walls are covered with various honors, like the children’s award-winning decorations plastered over the living room of the home.  The owner of the shop may not help but teach a group of middle school students in blue and white school uniforms to make ginger bump milk in a classroom at a middle school in Guangzhou.

This is a traditional dessert made from ginger juice and milk. It tastes tender and has been popular in the Guangzhou dessert market for decades. It is a popular snack in the region. The owner of the sprinklers does more than just do the sprinklers, and he patiently explains how the snack is made. This is not the first time he has been commissioned to lecture at a school, from professors making spring rolls, cooking rice, egg pancakes, soup circles, sesame paste.

He taught everyone to make a variety of Guangzhou snacks, and to teach children local snacks that can be made at home. “He said. This God, who will make more than 200 Cantonese snacks, is Wu Wenhui. He has spent more than 20 years in the catering industry, from serving Chinese and western cuisine to snacks, from restaurants to running “Old Xiguan Catering Group”, from state-owned enterprises to private bosses. In the past decade or so, Wu Wen-hui has felt a good mood, and he says, “I am just as happy as I am getting rich, I have maintained some traditions, and I have been stable for more than a decade.”But on the other hand, we are constantly expanding into new snack products and are eager to enter new food markets.

“Xiguan” is an old-school term for Guangzhou or Canton, China, and “lai fun” is the literal pronunciation of a type of traditional Cantonese noodles. Lai fun is characterized mostly by its thick consistency when served in soup, but I’m not a fan of the classic version. Instead, I got the lai fun in clear broth served with the “four treasures”. I can’t remember what they are exactly, but I would guess that they were fish balls, fried fish skin, fish dumplings, and fish patty.

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