Macau Crab Porridge

Macau Crab Porridge

Talk about Macanese food and the visions of Portuguese Egg Tarts, Pork Chop Buns, Ginger Milk Dessert and Crab Congee start appearing. And Macau boosts many congee porridge restaurants and stalls. The most famous restaurant for crab porridge in Macau would be “Seng Cheong” and “One Brother Food”.

Seng Cheong Crab Porridge,  The porridge is very good and the texture the right thickness and consistency and it was slightly yellow in colour from the crab’s rich hepatopancreas – the yellow deposits that people often think are fatty deposits. The porridge is sweet in flavour, the sweetness brought through by the freshness of the crab, the chopped spring onion bringing freshness to the mouth. There were crab meat pieces in the porridge but in the centre of the pot was a whole crab that you had to break open and eat. The restaurant is very generous with the crab, you will find it value for money.

Another famous one in Macau is ‘One Brother Food’, a restaurant which serves delectable crab porridge. ‘One Brother Food’ is popular with locals and visitors because of its unique crab porridge. Porridge is slow-cooked rice porridge and is usually quite thick and fluffy in texture. A variety of ingredients such as fish and meat can be added. ‘One Brother Food’ is unique though because they focus on crab porridge.

The dish dates back to the 1950s when the brackish (more salinity than normal) water in the region around Macau formed the perfect breeding ground for crabs. Nowadays, the crabs in Macau are mostly imported from mainland China, but the flavor still lives on. Before you enter ‘One Brother Food’, you might already see buckets of crabs outside. A whole crab is used while cooking the dish and this adds fragrance and sweetness. One serving is large enough to feed two. Pepper is an optional extra provided on tables if one might want to spice up the flavor!

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