Nan Lian Garden

Nan Lian Garden

Nan Lian Garden is a Tang-style landscaped garden based from the famous Jiangshouju Garden in Shanxi Province. While Chi Lin Nunnery was a retreat house for Buddhist nuns built in 1934. It also uses the traditional Tang Dynasty architecture completely built on wood (and not a single nail).

There are two words to describe these places: tranquil and scenic. Tranquil because despite the fact that the location is surrounded by high-rise buildings and apartments, you can still feel serenity and harmony while walking inside it. (Note: Noise barriers were put up to shield the place from the sound of traffic outside) Scenic in the sense that the whole place is very colorful and the view is really breathtaking.

Nan Lian Garden located in the Diamond Hill area, Nan Lian Garden is built in the Tang Dynasty style and occupies an area of about 35,000 square meters (3.5 hectares). Every piece of land, rocks, trees and water is placed according to rules of Tang style. The garden is designed in a one-way circular route manner.

By following this route visitors will see: two water ponds (the Lotus Pond and the Blue Pond), a lot of trees, the Pavilion of Absolute Perfection connected by two Zi Wu Bridges, the Chinese Timber Architecture Gallery, the Pine Path and so on. Also, there are a souvenir shop, a vegetarian food restaurant, a Chinese tea house and a multi-purpose function room.

In addition, Nan Lian Garden is adjacent to the Chi Lin Nunnery by a bridge and is surrounded by the high-rise buildings. Together with the Nunnery they form one of the most impressive sites in Hong Kong that is a must-see attraction for everyone.

In order to save the tranquility of this place, there are certain measures to allow others to enjoy the scenery of the garden. Visitors shall be properly dressed; smoking is not allowed; animals and pets, unless otherwise authorized and permitted, are prohibited.

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