PMQ Hong Kong

PMQ Hong Kong

One of the biggest conservation projects in recent Hong Kong history, the former Police Married Quarters has been revitalised as a centre for all things creative and design-based. More than 100 creative enterprises can be found at PMQ, where old residential units have been converted into small boutiques and design studios selling handmade products from jewellery to homeware goods. Pop-up stores from international designers are also a common occurrence at PMQ and the regular night markets are particularly popular among design enthusiasts.

The very first thing that would greet you at the door is a tall figurine of a Bruce-Lee-like kicking kung-fu master. Take a short flight upstairs and the revitalised PMQ is filled with shops after shops of indie enterprises, cafes, and even the Japanese ABC Cooking Studio.

Half the tenants are in the fashion and household product design sectors with the rest in creative design categories such as fashion accessories, food, furniture, jewellery and watches, design services and design galleries.

The weekends are buzzing with people and musical performances. To orientate yourself, what we did was to take a life up to the highest floor, then walked through the shops on our way down. Less tiring.There is really immense energy and positive vibes, and it seems like designers have a real, true space to develop, grow, sell and interact.

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