Apliu Street

Apliu Street

Apliu Street is located in Sham Shui Po in Hong Kong. You can’t see any vehicles in the street. It’s because the street is already occupied by a row of metal house shops. In Apliu street, you may see electronic appliances, electronic parts, audio equipment, video equipment, camera, mobile phone accessories, hardware tools, Hi-fi equipment, climbing supplies, lighting accessories, bicycle accessories, gramophone record, etc.. in first hand and second hand. As there should be one type a man likes, it is called the “men’s heaven”.

Why is Apliu street called Apliu? Apliu means duck yard in Chinese. In the 19 centuries, the area was full of duck yard. Until 1930s, the government start to develop the area and so named the street as “Apliu Street”. After that, the duck yards were moved away and people started to sell second hand products here. In the 1980s, the economic take off of Hong Kong, people started to demand for electronic appliances and people start to sell second hand electronic appliances here.

Although it’s a small street, there are countless number of shops here. On the street, you may see rows of metal house shops and floor shops. When you go up the buildings, you can still find a lot of different kinds of shops. If you have watched the HK film “Infernal Affairs” (the original film of Hollywood film “The Departed”), you may remember Tony Leung sitting in a Hi-fi shop, listening to the song by Tsai Chin. The Hi-fi shop is exactly located in Apliu Street.

Every man can find his treasure in Apliu Street. I have some advice:

  1. Better to go in the afternoon. Many shops only open in the afternoon. You may find go to the computer arcades around. They are also the treasures of computer appliances lover.
  2. Feel free to bargain
  3. Always calm down: the manner of those shop salesman is not very pleasant. It’s a culture of Apliu Street and every one get used to it. So calm down

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