Juan Yi First Pig’s trotters with ginger and vinegar shop

Juan Yi First Pig’s trotters with ginger and vinegar shop

Pig’s trotters with ginger and vinegar are a famous Cantonese delicacy. The ingredients consist of pig’s trotters, eggs, ginger, sesame oil, black vinegar and brown sugar. The dish is a special food generally prepared for Chinese mothers during their confinement period to hasten childbirth recovery.Pig’s trotters with ginger and vinegar is a famous Cantonese dish prepared for the Chinese mothers during her confinement period.

In traditional Chinese culture, black vinegar is believed to be able to purify blood and cleanse arteries. While the brown sugar is said to keep a check on “dampness” (dampness is caused when new mothers touch cold water during the postpartum period and leads to severe arthritis in old age) in the body, furthermore old ginger drives out the “wind” (wind is caused when new mothers wash their hair or take a bath during the confinement period and leads to a cold) – these ingredients all provide beneficial effects to a mother after childbirth. The ingredients of the dish include pig’s trotters, eggs, ginger, sesame oil, black vinegar and brown sugar.

However, black vinegar may be too “acidic” and might weaken the stomach especially when consumed daily for a month. This is why gelatinous ligaments from the pig’s trotters are introduced into this dish to act as a protective lubricant. Sesame oil is used in the dish to promote blood circulation and eggs are good source of nourishment for the new mother’s body and speeds up postpartum recovery. There are a lot of restaurants in Guangzhou that will allow inbound visitors and local residents to taste this Cantonese delicacy.

Juan aunt this sale has been 12 years~and there is no store name, “ginger vinegar egg shop” this popular and simple name is the neighborhood began to call up, and later in order to let everyone remember, simply use their own name, now“Juan aunt ginger vinegar egg shop”.

The newly renovated shop is bright and tidy,with tiles covering the head,the wind falling rain or the midday sun violent are not afraid of, plus Juan aunt will always smile and greet you “go to sit”, this enthusiasm is kind and natural.A pot pot pork ginger on the door, Pot pork ginger clay pot after many years has accumulated a layer of sweet vinegar to roll away the sugar glue, but Juan aunt words, na, above the thickest plot is the town shop treasure!

Pork ginger sold 10 yuan a bowl, three or two pieces of ginger,an egg,a large piece of pork hand and two spoonful of ginger vinegar.Pork hand pot to soft pour flavor, vinegar eggs also taste,this natural needless to say~mouth is collagen.Two pieces of ginger have basically taste, into the mouth chew is not very spicy, but also very cold.Finally, of course, is to drink that taste vinegar, sweet, there will not be spicy stimulating feeling, just fit the taste.In order to have more choice, now Juan aunt also sells fried glutinous rice and other snacks!

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